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‚ÄčCapturing your most precious moments

Life is full of adventure. It is full of love, change, and journeys. I want to capture those moments for you! 

When a baby is born, a baby takes his first breath, that is what I strive to capture. The expression of love that a father makes when he sees his baby for the first time; when a mother kisses her newborn child for the first time, that is what I strive to capture.

A moment in time. Your child, your sister, your cousin is graduating high school or college - those moments fly by without a second glimpse. I want to give you those memories to have forever.

A brand new puppy! Or maybe a puppy that isn't such a puppy anymore - family pets are the center of joy and happiness. There is nothing on this earth that can replace that cold, wet nose. Take a moment to remember how he sniffed at your cheeks with memories by Alycia Faye Photography, LLC.